2021 Raynaud’s Awareness CampaignOur 2021 Raynaud’s Awareness campaign this past October gained significant media coverage for Raynaud’s compared to previous years!

This year’s press release with the theme “Raynaud’s is Far From Rare” was picked up by 103 publications (up 7% from the previous year) with a total potential audience of nearly 83 million.  The campaign featured the fact that Raynaud’s affects 15 to 30 million people in the U.S. — more prevalent than multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and leukemia combined — yet most sufferers don’t even know their pain has a name.

Getting our press release picked up is only the first step in building awareness:  Our goal is to get the word out to the public about Raynaud’s.  So we also monitored the press Raynaud’s received during the campaign in 2021 and compared it to what was achieved in the previous year.   Media in the study includes global newspapers and digital media, along with U.S. television and radio coverage. Here’s what we found for the month of October:

  • Raynaud’s was mentioned in 218 articles:  + 70% vs. 2020
  • Raynaud’s coverage reached over 1 million people: + 101% vs. 2020
  • Raynaud’s media was valued at $415,000:  + 116% vs. 2020

Stopping our research at the end of our campaign doesn’t take into account the impact our efforts in October can have on press coverage that slips into the following month.  So we were curious to see what level of coverage Raynaud’s received in November, and results were eye opening:  November added another 386 articles, reaching 2.3 million people at a value of $1.2 million.  While we can’t say our efforts caused the activity in November, it’s encouraging to think we may have successfully influenced the attention Raynaud’s received in the month after our campaign.

2021 Raynaud’s Awareness Campaign

An important component of our awareness-building efforts is our Raynaud’s Quiz, created in 2019, designed to engage people in recognizing Raynaud’s symptoms. To date, over 55,000 people have responded to the quiz, and, as the quiz remains live throughout the year, we continue to receive 500 to 1,000 new responders each week.  


During Raynaud’s Awareness Month and throughout the year, the Raynaud’s Association continues to look for new ways to promote this widespread but little known medical condition during Raynaud’s Awareness Month and throughout the year.  The inability to gain financial support from the pharmaceutical community puts us at a huge disadvantage compared to organizations representing other lesser-known medical disorders, so your support is vital in helping Raynaud’s achieve the attention it deserves.  Please consider a donation to help fund our efforts in bringing awareness, warmth and comfort to the Raynaud’s community.

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