The NY Times Wirecutter columnThe NY Times Wirecutter column published an article on heated gloves for Raynaud’s sufferers titled:  “Ask Wirecutter: Will Heated Gloves Help Me Stay Warm This Winter?” The subject was requested by a person recently diagnosed with the condition seeking advice on what to buy.

The article does a good job of covering basic information about Raynaud’s such as:

  • An explanation of Raynaud’s, including the difference between primary and secondary forms
  • Triggers for Raynaud’s attacks
  • Type of medical specialist most knowledgeable about Raynaud’s

Annmarie Conte, the columnist, shares the importance of being warm before embarking on an outdoor activity.  Ideas include popping apparel in the dryer or over the radiator, dressing in layers, keeping the core warm, and wearing wind-resistant fabrics.

Because the Raynaud’s Association was one of the sources for the article, many of the brands we’ve tested were featured, including:

While many Frosties believe heated gloves are the best option, the article discusses some of the drawbacks that can be associated with heated gloves for everyday activities.  These include their bulky design, uncomfortably-placed batteries, poor dexterity and not being appropriately fashioned for business or social occasions.  Some brands also neglect heating down to the fingertips, an important feature for those with Raynaud’s.

So it’s good to consider non-heated options, like the fashionable FibreHeat™ Self-Heating Gloves or others we mentioned in our interview that unfortunately didn’t make it into the article such as Sweater Chalet’s artfully designed, multi-insulated Öjbro gloves and mittens.  Another option is the Dachstein Woolwear Arktis gloves layered over PossumDown gloves, also found at Sweater Chalet.  This is one of the warmest combinations I’ve ever experienced!

But for days when you need to spend hours out in the cold and dexterity isn’t an issue (skiing, hiking or watching a football game), it’s best to choose a reputable manufacturer like Gerbing, Gobi or Volt.  Inexpensive brands found on Amazon can save you money, but the products may not be as safe, long-lasting or offer the same level of performance.

We’re really grateful to the NY Times for consulting with the Raynaud’s Association for input on this article and hope we’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on more columns together!

Here’s the full article:  Ask Wirecutter: Will Heated Gloves Help Me Stay Warm This Winter?




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