We’re devoting our Hot Products for Fall 2023 column to introduce some new products in our Raynaud’s Store and hope you’ll check them out.

Raynaud’s Definition Long-Sleeve T-Shirts – Want to tell the world what’s it’s like having Raynaud’s?  Now you can!Hot Products for Fall 2023

We designed these fashionable t-shirts to “tell it like it is,” all because of a medical condition called Raynaud’s.  Choose from one of these definitions, or buy them all!

I’m Cold

Fingers and Toes are Frozen

I Hate Winter

Exclusively available at our Raynaud’s Store for $29.50 in the colors of Raynaud’s:  Basic White (like our fingers or toes during an attack), Maritime Frost Blue (finger and toe colors for those with more severe symptoms), and Wisteria Heather Rose (fingers and toes at the end of attacks as the blood rushes back in).  Should be a fun conversation starter to help us build awareness!