Fall 2023 RA Q&AWelcome to our Fall 2023 RA Q&A column.  We created these posts to share our responses to inquiries we receive from fellow Frosties about Raynaud’s symptoms, products, treatments, warming strategies and more.  We hope you’re finding them helpful in addressing some of your own questions.

Can you suggest products for cold feet and a cold body?

We’re asked about products for cold feet quite often and created an article focused on products that offer warm toe solutions.  Here’s the link:  Best Warm Toe Solutions for Raynaud’s Sufferers.

Most of our focus is on warming cold fingers and toes, but we work with manufacturers that offer heated vests and jackets that are great for warming the whole body.  G-Tech makes a terrific toasty vest that we reviewed in our January Update here:  G-Tech Heated Pouch.  Other manufacturers who make quality vests and jackets include Volt and Gobi.

Hope some of the above suggestions work for you!

What are the most effective medications or treatments for this condition?  The current meds I’ve been on have not worked. Please let me know the current treatment for this syndrome.

We published an article recently that outlines the available treatment options for Raynaud’s patients.  Here’s the link:  Treatment Options for Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Please keep in mind that what works well for one sufferer may not be as effective for the next one or might involve side effects, as our bodies respond differently to each drug. 

I hope you’ll find the article helpful.  If you have any additional questions, please get back in touch.

I have had White Finger Syndrome for some time but it is not too much of a problem. I sometimes get it in the winter when playing tennis and then it is a bit of a nuisance. I see there are many different gloves to help this condition. Can you recommend a light to medium weight glove suitable for tennis?

We don’t have a tennis player on our team, but can suggest some lighter weight gloves that we’ve tested that have quite a lot of dexterity.

First, are Glider Gloves.  These are touchscreen-friendly gloves allowing you to use your mobile devices outdoors.  They have three layers of warmth and protection – but are still lightweight and offer good dexterit