Diagnosing Raynaud’s

Video: What Drugs Cause Raynaud’s?

We wanted to share this short, but informative video found on YouTube titled What Drugs Cause Raynaud’s? This is a subject not often covered by medical resources, so we were happy to see it given this entertaining treatment:  

Advice to Nurses on Treating Raynaud’s

We were happy to see an article in a UK nursing magazine, Nursing in Practice, with advice on diagnosing and treating Raynaud’s phenomenon.   More knowledgeable medical professionals will result in better treatment for Frosties across the globe. The article contains […]

Doctor Speaks without “DoctorSpeak” on Raynaud’s

Most academic articles require a medical dictionary to understand them, but this one titled Raynaud’s Phenomenon by Frank L. Urbano, MD published in Hospital Physician several years ago does a good job of educating readers who aren’t part of the medical community […]

Useful Facts on Vibration White Finger

Using vibrating tools and equipment, or occupations subjecting hands/fingers to wear and tear can cause a form of Raynaud’s called Vibration White Finger.