Diagnosing Raynaud’s

Article on Raynaud’s Affecting the Nipples

We found an article covering Raynaud’s symptoms affecting the nipples in the Hippocratic Post, a global blogging site based in the UK specializing in medical issues. The author Caroline Goldstein was ahead of most sufferers, as her medical studies made her […]

Johns Hopkins Raynaud’s Video

Fellow Frostie Bev from New Mexico shared with us this educational Raynaud’s video produced by Johns Hopkins Division of Rheumatology titled “Raynaud’s Phenomenon: What You Should Know.” It does an excellent job of explaining Raynaud’s, differentiating primary vs. secondary forms […]

Everyday Signs of Raynaud’s: Special Message for Friends, Family & Co-Workers

Since there’s no single test to diagnose Raynaud’s, doctors generally rely on either witnessing an attack or listening to a patient describe their symptoms. But if their description doesn’t correspond to the text book triad of color changes (white/blue/red) or […]

Graphic Video on Raynaud’s

We found this video created by the DidYouKnow web site that shows the three stages of color changes often experienced by Raynaud’s sufferers, and gives a very basic explanation of the condition. Frosties may find this to be a good introduction […]

NHS Inform Is Very Informative Resource On Raynaud’s

NHS Inform is Scotland’s national health information service with a mission to provide accurate and relevant information for making informed health decisions. In addition to information about medical conditions and related news and events, the service offers interactive self-help guides and a National […]