Coping Devices for Raynaud’s Sufferers

More Product Developers Chase Frostie Market Potential

We at the Raynaud’s Association are delighted to see a spate of new warming products designed with Frosties in mind. One such producer is EMBR Labs, a Cambridge, MA based company that has launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign for its Embr Wave heating and cooling wristband. The device delivers an instant dose of localized

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Wristify Promises On-Demand Warmth

Last fall we published a post about a number of smart wearable products in development, including one called Wristify - a high-tech bracelet with a built-in thermostat. The bracelet uses thermoelectric material and sensors that have learned your personal preferences to determine when to give your wrist a pulse of heat (or a cool blast), providing temperature relief

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