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We found an article published on WarmCool.com (yes, that’s really the site name!) titled “41 Warm Up Tips for Home and Work.”  As the title suggests, it’s full of ideas and information for Raynaud’s sufferers.

It’s an interesting site, but difficult to categorize, as it’s part product reviews, part blog and part buying guide (an Amazon affiliate).  The site’s mission is to provide information and product tips for keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer (half of which is of great interest to us Frosties!).  They also devote significant real estate on the site to Raynaud’s, as it’s a full tab on their navigation menu with several articles and tips devoted to Raynaud’s awareness and education.

The 41 tips offer some more obvious and some more creative ideas for staying warm under the headings of:

  • Bundling Up
  • Warmth in the Bedroom
  • Warmth in the Rest of the House
  • Food, Diet and Lifestyle
  • Other (including creative ways to use a clothes dryer and your own body heat)

We won’t list them all here, but wanted to add some additional suggestions to some of the ideas published.

#4.  Scarves – Check out the cozy flannel scarves in our Raynaud’s Store and make a statement when you wrap up!

#8.  Hand Muffs – Even better, heated muffs like the ones from G-Tech Apparel!

#9.  Gloves, Mittens & Fingerless Gloves – Lots of great options in our Marketplace.

#10.  Armwarmers & Wristlets – Like those from Limbkeepers.

#12.  Thick or Fuzzy Socks – Frosties love Heat Holders socks!

#13  Footwear – They say nothing beats sheepskin, but heated slippers from Volt are the ultimate!

#14  Thermal Insoles – Heated socks from Gobi are even better!

#15  Electrically Heated Clothing – Consider a portable jacket heater like those from HeatJac.

#37  Microwaveable Products – Try mittens from HXT and slippers from CosySoles.

#38  USB Heaters – Ocoopa Hand Warmers charge on a USB port, but also work as a charger!

#39  Warming Packs – Save on HotHands and Grabber warmers with our member discount.

Hope you find some good tips in the article.  And please share your favorite warming ideas with us, too!

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