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The site called Best Gifts for All Occasions published two posts: “Best Gifts For People Who Are Always Cold” and “How To Stay Warm In A Cold Office.” Since a lot of the ideas are repeated, we combined the best parts of both entries into a Best Gifts for Frosties article. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones!

The author (who remains anonymous) sounds like a typical Raynaud’s sufferer – meaning she has symptoms, but doesn’t appear to realize they are explained by a medical condition: She’s always cold, wears sweaters and socks on the beach, is first in her circle to turn on the heat in season, hates the air conditioning at work – sound familiar?

Warning: If you click through to her posts, her site is purely set up as an Amazon affiliate, which means she’s publishing click-bait for you to buy items she writes about and earns a commission from those sales. There are plenty of options in the categories she mentions, so don’t feel the ones she’s featured are anything special, they are just examples of products that can offer warmth and comfort to Frosties like us!

Below are some of the ideas shared by the author, along with our input on product options:

  • Blanket Shawls – Big shawls are great for covering large areas of the body, including the back of the neck which, when warmed, can help keep the whole body warmer. You can also wrap one around your arms and bury your fingers inside. Using it to cover your trunk keeps the core warm, which is helpful in fighting against Raynaud’s attacks. They come in all colors, prints and fabrics (cashmere is a favorite!), so if several close buddies should gift these to you, it’s unlikely any two will be alike!
  • Sherpa Sweaters – There’s nothing like an over-sized Sherpa hoodie to take the chill off a cold day! The soft fur-like texture is both warm and cozy. The author says she sometimes turns on the air conditioning just for an excuse to wear her Sherpa hoodie (not sure fellow Frosties would agree with that action, but it’s a statement).
  • Really Warm Socks – Cold toes can be a major issue for Raynaud’s sufferers, and finding really warm thermal socks can bring Frosties a lot of comfort. The warmest socks we’ve found are from Heat Holders®. These super thick, plush socks received very positive reviews from our testers.
  • Heated Slippers – Taking foot warmth to the next level, heated slippers would be a welcome addition to any Raynaud’s sufferer’s wardrobe! Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers are really cute booties that have a rechargeable battery lasting up to 7 hours. CosySoles offer a plush, cushy microwaveable slipper. Just pop the slippers into the microwave, then place your cold tootsies in these toasty booties for heavenly warmth!  While anyone with cold feet would love them, both products were created specifically for the benefit of those with Raynaud’s, CMT, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions.
  • Heated Throws, Wearable Blankets and Ponchos – The author specifically loves those made of faux fur, Sherpa, polar fleece, and – we’d add to the list – cashmere. They help you feel warm and cozy anywhere. Wearable blankets resemble the Snuggies of informercial fame, which may not be appropriate at the office (unless you really want to make a statement on the air conditioning…), but provide a warm hug to the whole body. Heated throws on your lap are easily hidden from workers. whereas a stylish cashmere or wool poncho is wonderful to show off as a fashion statement.
  • Heated Hand Warmers – This category includes everything from the fingerless hand warmers with USB ports that plug into your computer (the ones that look like smiling toast are really cute!) to HotHands® and Grabber® Warmers you can place inside gloves for on demand warmth. Heated Wristies are fingerless gloves with a pocket to insert mini hand warmers for extra warmth. Fingerless gloves offer great dexterity leaving fingers free to type, dial the phone, garden, or shop online – whatever your pleasure! Another option is rechargeable hand warmers like the handheld ones from Ocoopa or the muff-like portable ones that cover the whole hand from G-Tech. Better yet, combine heated hand with body warmers and ask Santa or a friend for the G-Tech heated hoodie!
  • Protective Lotion – The idea promoted by the author is to use a lotion warmer for a spa-like experience, and we agree, warm lotion on the hands can help warm up cold fingers. But another idea is to apply a lotion that provides a protective barrier from the cold. The one we’ve tested (and the only one we’re aware of in this category) is called Warm Skin All Weather Guard. It’s used by NFL players, Arctic explorers and postal workers to protect their hands from cold winds and extreme weather conditions. The key is you have to put it on while your hands are still warm before cold exposure. So if you’re likely to get chilled at work, use the cream as soon as you take off your gloves from outdoors, or better yet, put it on before you leave the house in the morning. It may not appear to be a fancy gift item, but Frosties will be very grateful for the handy tube or jar that helps prevent frozen fingers throughout the day.

Other suggested gift items include stylish wool hats, heated eye masks (not a big issue for Frosties), a Crock-Pot or Thermos for dispensing warm drinks, soup or meals, or a set of flavorful teas. Warm food and drinks offer the dual benefit of warming the core (and the soul), plus providing a warm landing area for frozen fingers to thaw.

Hope you found some good ideas to share on your gift list for family, friends, Santa or the gift fairy.

Editor’s Note: This post originally included links to the referenced articles, but these publications are no longer available, sorry!

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