8-Step Program for a Warmer Life

We found an excellent blog post written by fellow Frostie Tami Veldura.  It starts out much like an AA confession:  "Hello folks, my name is Tami and I have Raynaud's Syndrome" and includes her 8-step program for minimizing attacks, the last one being the need to control her intake of alcohol (told you there's an AA theme

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Raynaud’s Member Tips – Fall 2014

Catherine (Facebook Fan) suggests:  "I have been known to use my nose when my finger doesn't register on a touch screen. :-)"  We've all been there, trying to punch numbers into the ATM and nothing happens.  It may look funny, but could be effective! Claire (Facebook Fan) shared the following idea:  "Tip for anyone  working in

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Member Tips – Spring 2014

Carole (Canada) posted on Facebook about Thermohair socks (www.thermohair.ca).  These are mohair socks made by a small company in Ontario.  She says she's been using them to warm her cold feet for 10 years and they really help!  Quite pricey ($35-$35 Cdn), but worth it. (Editors note:  For Frosties with wool issues, give Heat Holders® socks

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Raynaud’s Member Tips – Fall 2013

Olivia (Facebook Fan) posted her tips for outdoor running in colder months on our Facebook Fan Page:  "I try to keep my upper body and arms as warm as possible and wear a pair of light gloves during my run, so I often am wearing shorts and then a long-sleeve tech shirt and sometimes a running

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Raynaud’s Member Tips – Winter 2013

Judy in Alabama suggests:  "Wear latex gloves (or non-latex if you are allergic) under regular gloves and it makes a huge difference."  This is a really simple suggestion to follow if it works! Barbara in NY shared what's working for her this season:  "I am doing well in the cold with silk gloves underneath down mittens.  I

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