Raynaud’s Tips

Prevention Magazine Article on Raynaud’s

We found an article on Prevention’s web site that includes information that we contributed in 2009 to a book published by Rodale, Prevention’s parent company, called the Doctor’s Book on Home Remedies. The web article is dated 2014, so it’s good […]

Kiwi Advice on Managing Raynaud’s Symptoms

Well & Good, a publication in New Zealand, published an article in August titled How to Manage the Pain of Raynaud’s Disease.  We’re always glad to see Raynaud’s in the press, and given the fact that this article was published during […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Summer 2016

While no product will work for everyone, it’s good to know that some Frosties are finding solutions that are bringing them relief. Kristel (MO) is a runner and one of her tips shared on Facebook says she’s found that placing a disposable hand […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Spring 2016

Scleroderma Foundation Member (Tri-State) – A participant in a teleconference seminar with members of the Scleroderma Foundation suggested Raynaud’s sufferers try Russian Friction Massage therapy.  The technique uses friction to stimulate heat within the body with slower, more gentle motions than […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Winter 2015

Jan on Facebook shared with us a video posted on LittleThings.com for making your own disposable hand warmers. The formula makes what is known as “Hot Ice,” and the ingredients require only baking soda, vinegar and boiling water  The post includes […]