Cold Fingers

The Last Straw for Frosties – Literally!

It's all over the news that plastic straws - one of the few protective devices Raynaud's sufferers can use to avoid holding a cold glass directly - may soon be no more, and that's the last straw for many Frosties! Plastic straws are considered pollutants, even though their materials are, in fact, recyclable.  But unfortunately because

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EnergyFlux Hand Warmer Giveaway Contest

Our Sponsor at TruetoSource is giving away five of their EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers.  To be one of the five lucky Frosties to receive a toasty hand-held warmer, here's what you need to do: Read our Product Review on EnergyFlux Hand Warmers and learn about their specific features that deliver heavenly heat to the palm of your hand

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