Shop With the Raynaud's AssociationWhy not shop with the Raynaud’s Association this holiday?  Choose from some of the warm, cozy items featured in our Product Showcase, or fun bling and logo items in our Raynaud’s Store.

Our Product Showcase features reviews of dozens of items providing:

Shop with the Raynaud's AssociationHEATED WARMTH – through rechargeable batteries, disposable hot packs, or microwaveable pouches.  Products in this category include toasty Ocoopa and HotHands® Warmers and the G-Tech Heated Pouch for portable warmth, plus Volt™ and CosySoles toasty slippers for warmth down to your toes.

Shop with the Raynaud's AssociationFIBER WARMTH – through advanced multi-layer insulation or temperature-regulating fabrics.  Check out Heat Holders® heavenly warm Thermal Socks, plus Öjbro and FibreHeat’s beautifully-designed gloves and mittens that will help keep you warm without looking like a ski bunny.  And ’tis the season to protect our paws when we’re using our cellphones outdoors with triple-insulated, touchscreen-friendly Glider Gloves.

Shop with the Raynaud's AssociationTOPICAL WARMTH – through circulation-boosting ingredients or formulas providing protective barriers from the cold.  Choices include Nutrasal’s Magnesium L-arginine Cream created by a Raynaud’s sufferer to help reduce and minimize attacks.  Another option is Warm Skin Cream that works to insulate skin from the cold and extreme weather conditions.

The brands in our Product Showcase are from manufacturers who support our cause, so we’d love to see you sharing a little love this season with these generous organizations.

Once you’ve shopped our Product Showcase, browse our Raynaud’s Store where you’ll find awareness-building items featuring our logo and our mascot Shivers, along with educational resources on Raynaud’s.

Shop With the Raynaud's AssociationRAYNAUD’S JEWELRY Building awareness for Raynaud’s doesn’t have to be dull.  Check out our bling jewelry featuring charms with an antiqued version of our logo on bracelets and necklaces.  Or opt for a simple Raynaud’s or Frostie Word Bracelet with marble grey and white or Raynaud’s blue beads.  For those looking to make a personal cause statement, choose the charity wristbands promoting our organization.

Shop with the Raynaud's AssociationRAYNAUD’S LOGO APPAREL Wear our logo proudly on our cozy Zip-Up Microfleece Jacket topped off with our plush Fleece Scarf with handy pockets to warm frosty fingers.  You’ll also find our Special Edition Heated Wristies made of cushy Polartec® fleece designed to hold a mini hand warmer for an extra heated boost!  And in these challenging times, it’s good to arm yourself with our Raynaud’s NoVirGuard™ Masks for their built-in anti-viral filter protection and comfortable fit.

Shop with the Raynaud's AssociationRAYNAUD’S MASCOT ITEMS – While you’re browsing our store, don’t forget to check out the items featuring Shivers, our cute Blue-footed Booby “spokesbird.”  The store offers plush stuffed animals of our mascot that are perfect cuddle partners for young people with Raynaud’s.  Shivers expresses a little attitude in the design for our hooded sweatshirts, crewnecks and long-sleeve t-shirts.

We hope you’ll find good gift ideas for your Frostie friends and family members this holiday season.  Also, don’t forget to mention a few of these warm goodies on your Santa list and maybe you’ll get a warm surprise under your tree this year when you (and Santa) shop with the Raynaud’s Association.


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